Entrepreneurship Project

This past year we transformed our microfinance project into our
entrepreneurship project. Through a greater focus on consulting
and one on one relationships, we believe we have improved the
lives of many in our local and global communities.

Environmental Initiatives ProjectRecycling

Our environmental initiatives project combines education and consulting to make Tuscaloosa a more “recycle friendly” city. Through these efforts, we hope to see our area improve in both awareness and openness.

ABC Project


For the second year, we collaborated with Brookwood Middle School in Vance, AL to spend over 67 hours with 100 8th grade students to teach business principles, communication skills, and cultural awareness, increasing both their quality of life and standard of living.

6Sides Project          6Sides is a C2C, student centered web-store designed to promote entrepreneurship. An entirely student created 6Sides web-store is a venue where students can upload and advertise their creative endeavors ranging from art to fashion with a unique focus translating their passions into careers.